The Fear

If you’re one of the few people reading this, then you understand irony.

The reason I haven’t posted anything in so long or done much of anything in quite a while is because of what the out-of-his-mind-on-heroin Jarvis Cocker above is singing about – The Fear. It’s loosely defined by the song exactly what it is the narrator seems to be afraid of, something that is completely intentional if you are familiar with Cocker or heard him speak about songcraft. Still, even if the words are vague, the feeling created by it is not. It’s about a fear that is paralyzing. Something that is so crippling that it renders you almost useless. This is what I’ve been struggling with for the past few weeks (months? years?). Not only has it become something that keeps me from doing much of anything, but it also causes the pile to grow exponentially.

I will probably will write something more substanial later, but this is very much the writing ipecac that I need to do right now. In the mean time, listen to the greatest band England ever produced that’s not fronted by Morrissey.


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