or “frist!” as the habit tends to be.

The hardest part for me, in general, is not so much the getting started, but the sharing of material. In fact, as it stands, this blog will probably be out there for a while before I intend to fix it and share it to others. Most likely for the better. So long as I know it’s out there, I’ll be happy.

Still, I don’t want this to be nothing, just a placeholder.With that in mind…

If you are reading this entry at a later date, it either means I’ve done something substantial, or you are really, painfully bored out of your skull. Go find something productive to do. I’ll wait.

There. Now, what is the purpose of this? Mostly a place for me to post thought about whatever happens to be on my mind at the moment. Most likely, that will be thoughts on writing, or film making, or the latest short fiction I’m reading. That’s what the title means. Being small doesn’t mean being insignificant. It does what it’s supposed to and doesn’t waste your time. Sometimes thinking small is the way to go.

This is also a place for me to post my blatherings on to however small an audience. Most of these, if not all, will be strictly for my own practice or sanity. If you happen to get some enjoyment out of them, that would be fantastic.



About beingsmall

Not now. Not yet. Maybe not ever.
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